What is clamshell  packaging?

Clamshell blister packages are designed to contain bulky or heavy products and are made of PVC, PET, APET, RPET and PP with different thickness to meet the packaging requirement.

The plastic blister packaging has become very popular in recent years, while clamshell containers is still one of the most popular items in the plastic packaging filed. We are clamshell packaging supplier in Shenzhen China.

CD DVD Clamshell Cases Clamshell Mobile Phones Cupcake Clamshell Packaging
CD DVD Clamshell Cases Clamshell Mobile Phones Cupcake Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell blister packages are widely used in various industries such as toy, food, craft, cosmetic, hardware, fishing, electronic, consumer, medical, beauty, stationery and sports. Logos, instructions or design can be printed on the surface by hot stamping, silk screen and UV printing. Clear clamshell packaging is reusable, which can be made to open and close easily or made permanently sealed without damaging the product.

Plastic Clamshell Containers clam packaging clamshell package opener Plastic Clamshell Box
Plastic Clamshell Containers Clamshell Packaging Opener Plastic Clamshell Box

At XiMan Industrial, we do more than just selling clamshell; we do provide blister packaging service, design, produce and solutions to meet your company’s demands. Our design team can customize any clamshell blister packagings into many shapes and sizes to secure all your products. Be it for clamshells, clam packaging, plastic clamshell containers, retail clamshell box, clamshell containers, plastic clamshell boxes, food clamshell packaging, clamshell cd cases, clamshell card,  clamshell food packaging, clamshell packages, mobile clamshell,  ipad clamshell case, 6 cavity clamshell, round clamshell packaging, eco clamshell,  soap packaging, clamshell cell phone, ready-made clamshell packaging or stock clamshell packaging, we assure that there is always a suitable design for you.

clamshell sealer stock clamshell packaging round Clamshell packaging for food,eggs Clamshell Packaging Suppliers
Clamshell Sealer Stock Clamshell Packaging Round clamshell packaging for food,eggs Clamshell Packaging Suppliers

ISO 9001: 2008 / ISO14001:2008 certified for thermoforming, our capabilities in designing and producing custom clamshell packaging is unmatched. We always deliver the right thermoformed clamshells at the right price. Each material is inspected thoroughly to ensure the resulting clamshells match expected quality standards. Our clamshell blisters will offer you a higher degree of display-ability which other kinds of thermoformed packaging cannot. Whether you need clamshells for packaging merchandise or quality clamshells for packaging electronic devices, rest assured we will deliver beautifully designed and functional clamshells.

Our company is dedicated to make your life easier and better. Please feel free to contact us with your packaging specifications or requirements and let us work for your now! Where to buy clam shells? At XiMan~