About Us


XiMan Industrial(Inland Title:Shenzhen Shunbaoda Plastic MFG Co.,Ltd) is one of the fastest growing blister packaging manufacturers in Shenzhen China providing vacuum and thermoformed packaging. Founded in 2008 by Mr.Carey with state of the art thermoforming technology. We have had immense experience in the blister packaging Industry, we design your blister packing, clamshell packaging or plastic tray, build the custom molds, manufacture your existing products, and deliver it on time. BTW, XiMan Industrial has cooperated with some of the biggest companies in the industry for the last 9 years.

XiMan Industrial can easily accommodate the new enterprises, providing the best service afforded by larger industries. We are different from many other blister packaging manufacturers in that our market directly points to OEM & ODM customers. So as long as contacting us you will be able to speak to our professional blister packaging experts and receive a quotation within 24 hours. And we have no reps or agents, you’ll get a straight answer and a competitive price from us.

The main markets serviced by XiMan Industrial cover Toys, Gifts, Foods, Beverage, Jewelry, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Fish, Perfume, Hardware, Automotive, Cosmetics, Fishing, Stationery, Electrical, Home and Personal Care Packaging, Electronic industries and so on. The material is available in PET / PVC / PP / PS / PETG / GAG / A-PET. Main Products included: blister packing, clamshell packaging, blister trays, flocked tray, food packaging, plastic container, ESD tray, cosmetic tray, macaron packaging tray, cosmetic packaging, wine packaging, consumer packaging, candy packagingperfume packagingsliding card blister packaging, blister cards, ice cream packaging, thermoformed trays, vacuum packagingthermoforming, vacuum forming, bubble packcandy packaging, cookie packaging, trifold blister, transparent plastic packaging, cell phone case/accessories blister packaging,  customized blister packaging, fruit packaging,, skin packaging,  plastic packaging box,   blister packaging solutions, supply chain management etc. More blister packaging information, please call us at 86-0755-81497634 or mail us charlotte@szblisterpackaging.com .

For contract packaging service(Aluminum MoldingWhite & Colored Box, Corrugated Box, Paper Bag, Paper Card, Cardboard, Label & Tag, PE/PO/OPP Plastic Bag, Printed Bag, Anti-static Bag, Aluminum Foil Bags, Bubble Bag, EPE Bags etc), More details, please visit our web www.headpackaging.com. My Friend, We always with you!