What is Blister Card?

Card Blister Packaging secures items between a printed cardboard and a clear plastic blister. Blister cards are the core of blister packaging, they provide a beautiful, highly visible presentation of your products. Application of heat and pressure is applied to activate an adhesive on the blister card. Blister cards can be single blister card, but also used in other ranges, such as the front & back blister cards or the fold-over blister cards. At the same time, according to the blister packaging process they can be divided into: cold sealed blister cards and heat-sealed blister cards.

 blister card manufacturers   Blister Card Priting For Toys
Blister Card Manufacturers Blister Card For Lipstick   Blister Card Priting For Toys

Together, cards Blister packaging offers good strength and durability, economical and effective, allowing product to be hung on display shelves. They can be widely used in various fields such as USB, toy, stationery, glasses, battery, art ware, car accessories, gift, craft, consumer goods, watch,  cosmetic, promotion products, hardware tools, electrical component, souvenir and displaying products.

Blister & Clamshell Insert Cards

XiMan Industrial is one of the country’s leading packaging of high quality blister and header card packaging. Their 4-color combo runs offer a lead time and price that is difficult for most custom printers to compete with and their knowledge of the card packaging industry makes them a valuable asset to our clients.

blister cards Blister Card Design For Hardware blister card for battery
Blister Cards For E-Cigarette Blister Card Design For Hardwaree Blister Card For Battery

Functional Package & Header Card Design

XiMan Industrial also specializes in the design and development of clamshell and blister packages. From R&D to finalized pre-press artwork, they can provide everything you need to bring your package to life.

Cold seal blister card
Cold sealing saves time and energy during the sealing process. It means that blister cards can be sealed without using any heat. This is a great advantage because the only thing required to get a perfect bond is pressure. It makes the packing process simple, reliable, quick, environmentally friendly and most cost-effective.

Cold seal blister cards are printed only on one side of the cardboard. After assembly, all sides of the package, front and back – even the part behind the blister, can show your printed branding and instructions. This unique property allows the use of inexpensive cardboard. And with no heat required to seal the blister pack, cold sealed cards are light on energy consumption. After use, the packaging materials – plastic and cardboard, can be taken apart and recycled separately, and therefore, in a totally environmentally

Blister Cards Printing For USB Blister Pack Cards For Stationery Blister Card printer and sealer
Blister Cards Printing For USB Blister Pack Cards For Stationery Blister Card Printer And Sealer

Heat seal blister card

The most important feature of XiMan Industrial heat seal blister card technology is the high reliability and durability of the bond between blister and card, or card-to-card, in the case where a front & back blister card, or fold-over card is used. For the production of heat sealed blister cards, XiMan Industrial uses its proven, environmentally friendly, water-based, XiMan Industrial, 8000 series coating. Major clients such as Sony and P&G have tested and approved the heat seal cards produced by XiMan Industrial, and many millions of our blister carded are now hanging in stores across the globe.

Our blister card packaging can be customized to fit your product’s features and branding and offers many advantages including: Cost Savings, Tamper Resistance, Theft Deterrent, Product Visibility and Product Protection.